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Our Partners

Neighbor in Need works with licensed and insured contractors who provide steeply discounted work and relies on the financial partnership of corporations, businesses, organizations, as well as municipal and county leaders to provide repairs for our neighbors.

Contractor Partners

Our nimble, volunteer-run organization doesn't have the time to track the true value of the work we do, but the steep discounts and donated work of our partners adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of our contractor partners also partner with us financially on top of steeply discounted work!

Fundraising Partners

Our corporate, business, non-profit, neighborhood, municipal, and county support accounts for the bulk of our revenue each year. This support is why we are able to say "YES" when our neighbors call with a need for a new roof, replacement of their HVAC system, repairs to their sinking floor, accessible showers or wheelchair ramps, replacement water heaters, whole house re-wires, and more.

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